Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones will not run for 11th District

It looks like the race for Cuyahoga County Commissioner is still on between current Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones and Mayor Debbie Sutherland of Bay Village.

From the PD --

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones said today he will stay in the race for another term as commissioner and not seek the congressional seat opening up with the death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Jones said at a news conference today that he is staying in the county race because "there is too much work left to do." He said economic development, like the medical mart-convention center project, is his main priority.

Federal agencies are investigating fellow Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and County Auditor Frank Russo. "Wouldn't this be an ideal time to depart from county government and avoid some of the upheaval?" Jones said.

But Jones said that was a reason to stay.

"There is an absolute and profound need for leadership at the county level," he said.


  1. As "president" of the three county commissioners, shouldn't he have acted as a leader during the last few years???

    I guess now is a good time to pretend like he is a leader.

  2. I think he's stupid. He's giving up a virtual "lifetime appointment" to congress, to stay on the Commission.

    If there ever is a RPCC with a pulse, the commissioners seats could be competitive some day.


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