Friday, September 26, 2008

Steaming Load #1: Pittsburgh Government School’s take ‘dumbing down’ to a new level.

From Politically Incorrect Gazette --

Steaming Load #1: Pittsburgh Government School’s take ‘dumbing down’ to a new level.

A retired home economics teacher, Judy Loeonardi, nailed it she described Pittsburgh Public Schools’ new grading policy with this pointed prose: "walk in the door, breathe the air and get 50% for that". That’s right PIGsters, under the new rules of engagement, no matter how miserable a student does on an assignment, a test or other school work, the lowest grade they can get isn’t 0, it’s 50%. Just for showing up and breathing the air, they get 50%.

Eager to keep that slacker self esteem high, Pittsburgh Educrats have eliminated the dastardly ‘F’ and replaced it with a more user friendly ‘E’. It probably stands for something asinine like ‘Effort’. Whatever it stands for, it, like the 50% minimum score, is supposed to ‘inspire’ these scholastic bottom feeders to crank up the synapses and try harder. Yeah right.

School grades are the early warning system of the educational process. When someone scores a 0, or a 20, or even an honest 50, it should set off "there’s something very wrong here" alarm bells in the class room and at home. That kind of grade means there’s a significant failure in the transmission of information which needs to be addressed, NOW. Ignoring it, hoping it will all go away, by giving it a 50% score, allows the student to fall farther behind. If the kid has a learning problem, FIX IT. If the kid just doesn’t give a damn, GET HIM THE HELL OUT OF THERE. The grading system, an HONEST grading system, facilitates those kind of decisions.

Giving a government cess-school inmate 50% for showing up is asinine. Life doesn’t work that way. If you just show up and breathe the air, on your job, your boss isn’t going to try to inspire you by giving you 50% of your pay. More likely, you’ll be told to shape up, stat, or figure out a way to live without 100% of your pay.

Failure is part of life. It sucks, but it’s necessary, to prepare an individual for the unflinching rigors of objective reality. The Pittsburgh public school pukes aren’t doing anyone a favor, by coddling students. To me, this smells like a ploy by these Educrap butt bullets to hide their own pathetic performance. If your students can’t pass the tests, that’s a sign that YOU, Mr. Educrat, FAILED to educate them.

The Free State of PIG gives Pittsburgh public school officials a big fat 0, a dastardly F, for trying to sweep their own failures under the rug with this asinine policy.

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