Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seven Hills Mayor Sues Scene Magazine and Anonymous Blogger

Seven Hills Mayor David Bentkowski is suing Scene magazine and an anonymous local blogger that blogs from the site - Political Science 216.

I am usually one who believes most people sue because they had their feelings hurt and get an ambulance cha$ing attorney willing to sue over something stupid. I do not know if this is the case in this situation.

Bentkowski has supeoned Google for the bloggers identity. The blogger has accused Bentkowski of being a pervert - but has nothing to back up the claims other than speculation. Scene Magazine just rode the Mayor a little and made some off color remarks.

In my opinion Scene did nothing wrong except have fun and made innocent remarks about Bentkowski and accused him of not allowing residents to talk at meetings. Scene "started" on Bentkowski after he sent a letter meant for younger residents of the city and claimed he had the "political IQ of Quiznos' lettuce."

On the other hand the anonymous blogger from Political Science 216 took it a little bit further...

From the PD --
The letter states that the information will help the city notify young residents of activities that might be of interest to them. "For example," Bentkowski wrote. "If you have an 18-year-old daughter, we can invite her to participate in the Miss Seven Hills Pageant."

The blogger charged that Bentkowski would use the information to meet young women, likening him to sexual predators arrested on "Dateline NBC's" "To Catch a Predator" series. The blogger even included a photograph of the show's host, Chris Hansen, interviewing a suspected sexual predator.

Bentkowski demanded the blogger remove the material immediately.

Instead, the blogger asked readers to vote on whether Bentkowski should be dethroned as the "sexiest male politician in Greater Cleveland," a title that readers conferred upon the mayor earlier that year.

The blogger's reason for ousting Bentkowski? Because he "has been acting like a pervert lately." More...

So was this anonymous blogger excercising his right to free speech or did he cross the line making unsubstantiated comments?


  1. I don't think the blogger necessarily crossed the line. With that being said, that blog is damn near worthless. The guy moderates his comments and won't respond to any. Moreover, he's taken down posts where he's been wrong. For example, he claimed that he knew for sure that Kenny Yuko would be appointed to Mason's senate seat. When that didn't happen, he removed the post in its entirety. So much for credibility.

    -Greg Helms

  2. Hi Greg

    I would agree the blog is pretty much a joke and integrity is obviously not in his vocabulary.

    But what should we expect from a liberal, anonymous, panty waist blogger who does not have the balls to put his name behind his work.

    Do I hide? I have been known as and called "King" by people that now me for the last 30 years.

    While I allow anonymous comments on KRS, I have never commented on a blog anonymously.

    I would respectfully disagree that the blogger did not go over the line. I believe in the manner that the post was framed the intent to do harm to the Mayor was obvious.

    While I take people to task on here - EVERYTHING posted on here can be substantiated.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. King-

    When I say cross the line, I mean legally. It's really tough to establish libel when the subject is a public figure. I think ethically what the blogger did was improper, but that doesn't mean he'll be proven liable in a court of law.


  4. I think many bloggers will be watching very closely to see what happens here.

    King, youve had some great stuff lately...keep it up.

  5. Why is Bentkowski so worried about these minor comments don't all politicians get this knid of crap anyway? If he would have juts left it alone, the situation would not have gotten bigger. If he is not a pervert why is he so worried?


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