Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Russia Threatens it may Bomb any U.S. Missile Defense in Europe

This developing situation needs someone, like John McCain, that knows what the hell he is doing and is VERY CLEAR in his response.

We cannot afford someone that is wishy-washy and unable in articulating what he - REALLY MEANS - like Barack Obama.

From Global Security --

Russian news reports say a top defense official has warned that Russia may point ballistic weapons at a U.S. missile defense system in Europe.

News agencies Wednesday quote General Nikolai Solovtsyov as saying Russia may take the action if the United States moves forward with a missile defense plan in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The United States and Poland signed a missile defense agreement in Warsaw last month. It allows the United States to deploy 10 defensive missiles in Poland. The United States also plans to set up guidance radar in the Czech Republic. More...

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Indecisive behavior is NOT the way you deal with Russia - Ronald Reagan proved that!

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