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Jim Trakas Hosts Town Hall on Jump-Starting Cleveland’s Economy

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September 18, 2008

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Jim Trakas Hosts Town Hall on Jump-Starting Cleveland’s Economy
Congressional Candidate Touts Region’s Historic Successes and Future Promise

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OHIO – Former State Representative and Congressional candidate Jim Trakas presented his plan on Wednesday evening for strengthening Northeast Ohio ’s economy at a town hall forum attended by residents of Greater Cleveland’s southwestern suburbs. Speaking to a full room at the Middleburg Heights Community Center during the first in a series of town hall events to be held throughout the 10th District over the next six weeks, Trakas highlighted actions he will take as Congressman to expand job opportunities through economic development initiatives for the region and new “Smart Trade” policy for the nation.

“The people of the 10th District deserve a representative who will focus his attention on the economic needs of our Greater Cleveland,” said Trakas. “I will fight every day to improve our regional economy by helping to create an environment that fosters job creation through lower taxes, less regulation, and trade policies that level the playing field for American workers. It is time to discard the failed ‘blame-others-first’ economic policy Congressman Kucinich has used during his 12 years in Washington and replace it with real solutions that leverage the strengths of Northeast Ohio , a magnet for legal immigrants from around the world, a center for innovation and technology, and a hub for manufacturing new products in this new century.”

The Trakas Economic Plan takes aim at the punitive tax, regulatory, and trade policies that have devastated Cleveland ’s economy. The plan, a top priority of the broader Trakas Plan for Northeast Ohio , includes the following solutions to get our regional and national economy back on the right track:
  • Simplify the tax code, reduce corporate taxes, and eliminate the estate tax, all of which are impediments to job creation;

  • Reform regulations to make it easier to hire Americans and make products in America, as regulation and taxation account for 30 percent of the cost of American-made manufactured products, hurting both consumers and sometimes driving jobs out of America;

  • Implement “Smart Trade” policy to eliminate trading with cheaters and encourage trade partners to buy American goods;

  • Establish “Manufacturing Coming Home Zones,” designating 10th District cities for special manufacturing companies to return to Cleveland from overseas to set up shop in zones of minimal regulation, reduced taxation, and environmentally production; and

  • Encourage personal savings by eliminating the tax on checking and savings accounts for people making less than $200,000 a year – a double income tax that punishes investment.

During a wide-ranging dialogue with residents, Trakas also spoke of the roles energy, education , and immigration reform can play in revitalizing Northeast Ohio ’s economy. Trakas pledged that his tenure in Congress would focus on bringing Cleveland its “fair share” of economic development grants and other federal funding to help kick start the region’s economy, spur job creation, and encourage innovation.

“Made in America is possible again, and Greater Cleveland can return to being a manufacturing giant while growing into a technology center for the 21st century,” stated Trakas. “We need a Congressman who is willing and able to build coalitions with the diverse interests that make up our region. In Congress, I will partner with corporations, small businesses, management, and labor to create jobs once again in our communities. Working together, we can accomplish great things for our city.”

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