Friday, September 19, 2008

A Debate I would Love To See

This would make Must See TV! Iranian President Imachickenhead has challenged John McCain and Barack Obama to a debate.

From Fox News --

"I am ready for a debate with the U.S. presidential candidates over global issues in the presence of the media at the U.N. headquarters,” Ahmadinejad said at a press conference in Tehran. "I have no plans in my schedule to meet with U.S. politicians.”

"Last year, I said I was ready to meet with [President George W.] Bush. But now he is at the end of his term and [a meeting] will not impact our relations and future," Ahmadinejad told AFP. More...

Since this would not be the same as going to Iran and meeting Imachickenhead I think they should do it.

Of course that would be if Obama would not wuss out like he did with McCain on the Town Hall Debates. Of course having a world stage to expand the reach of his cult-like following would be tempting but there would have to be conditions...
  • Questions must be nice softballs able to be answered by rhetoric, the words "Change" or "Hope," or phrase - "John McCain is like George Bush."

  • Questions must be submitted for approval

  • The use of an "Obamaprompter" is allowed.

  • Approved questions must be submitted 2hrs prior to debate for entry of answers into "Obamaprompter."

  • All fade outs for commercials MUST be of Obama smiling.

  • Answers given in the debate will be clarified (sorta) 2 weeks after the debate through press releases.

I could just imagine the look on Imachickenheads face after Obama side-stepped, waffled, and flip-flopped and uh-uh'd his way through the debate.

Oh boy! Could you imagine if the 'Obamaprompter' had a Joe "Stand up Chuck" Biden moment and went on the fritz? Or maybe Hillary, there to show her support, accidentally pulls the plug?

Looking into a blank "Obamaprompter,"Obama would look like a momma cow staring down at her dead calf. Barack O'Blankstare would wade into to an answer with one too many "Hopes."

After Imachikenhead shook the Obama inspired dumbfounded look off his face he would respond with - "WTF are you talking about 'Hope'? You better 'Hope' our nukes don't reach Israel."

McCain would just stand there and smile. When it was his turn he would just look at Imachickenhead and pointing to a smiling Barack - "You better 'Hope' he gets elected."

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