Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cuyahoga County hires law firm in voting machine fight

The Cuyahoga County Commissioners have hired a law firm to represent them in their tiff with Premier/Diebold.

From the PD --
Cuyahoga County commissioners today hired the law firm Calfee, Halter & Griswold to help the elections board in its squabble with Premier Election Solutions.

The county will pay the firm not more than $230,000 for its work, according to the agreement.

Premier, a division of Diebold Inc., beat the county to the punch and sued Cuyahoga and the Ohio Secretary of State's office in May after Cuyahoga replaced Premier equipment following a flawed primary in March 2007.

The secretary of state's office has since countersued Premier. So has Cuyahoga, at the time using the county prosecutor's office for the work.

Cuyahoga Commissioner Tim Hagan said hiring Calfee Halter is an attempt to hold Diebold accountable for its machines.

Hagan the Hypocrite wants to hold Diebold accountable... Well if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black - I don't know what is! Especially when he refuses to be held accountable for the billion dollar boner called the Med Mart he is ramming up the ass of Cuyahoga County voters.

And why isn't anybody running against this guy? I am still waiting for someone to make the case of why we are not targeting the one commissioner up for reelection that has consistently ignored the wishes of Cuyahoga County voters and continually puts more importance on advancing his own personal agenda and that of the Greater Cleveland Partenership.

I guess integrity and doing the right thing has no part in running for office! A second pawn for the GCP is not what we need!

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  1. Someone should let the Diebold people know that the Cuyahoga County BOE has been actually paying employees to run the touchscreen machines and purposely make them crash so they can use those results in their defense. Truly Despicable!
    Where is our Republican leadership while all these Democrat maneuvers are taking place?
    Oh I forgot there is no Republican Leadership at the BOE. Lest they would have to cross SOS jennifer Brunhilda and be looking for another job.


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